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Tree Trimming Best Time of Year

Trees are beautiful and positively affect our health. One of the ways to care for the trees in your home is by trimming their branches as and when due.

You must know that every time is not the best time to trim a tree. Knowing when to trim your tree is essential for the health and longevity of your tree.

In general, the winter season is the ideal time to trim trees. The majority of trees are dormant from November to March; thus, this is the best time to trim them.

You’ll find more information about the best time to trim your trees in the following. If you don’t have the know-how or the tools, feel free to get in touch with our Burbank tree trimming experts.

Can You Trim Trees In The Fall?

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Trimming trees in the fall could cause more harm than good to your trees than you expect.  It is not advisable to trim trees in the fall although people are ready to begin trimming at this time of the year for some reason.

The best time to trim trees is not in the fall. It makes sense to hold off until the end of winter or after when the plant’s leaves have dropped. Your trees can suffer from premature trimming.

If you don’t want your tree to suffer from premature trimming, then it’s better you wait for a perfect season before you start trimming your trees.

Trees should be trimmed when there is a good likelihood that they will remain healthy because they have varied leafing and growth cycles.

Can You Trim Trees In Summer?

Early summer, before the warmth reaches its peak, can be a time to trim your tree but definitely not the best time. Summer trimming might be harmful to a tree that is suffering from heat stress.

Trimming in the latter half of the summer and early fall may also encourage new growth depending on the type of tree because it has little opportunity to harden before the arrival of winter.

Tree trimming maintains the health of the tree, lowers the chance that neighboring structures may sustain damage, and enhances the overall curb appeal of the tree

The below-listed are a few types of trees that can still be trimmed in the summer 

Can You Trim Trees In Spring?

Large changes can most affect trees while they are idle in the early spring as they emerge from their winter rest.

They will also have a complete season of growth to recover from injuries before withering and this will help the tree sustain its longevity. Most tree trimming is done in the spring but this is not the best time.

Major tree trimming is most effective for most trees in late winter because wounds heal more quickly.

Only trim the following trees in the spring and at the appropriate time:

Can I Trim My Trees Myself?

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You can trim young, tiny trees yourself to shape or maintain their health. But it is usually preferable to call a certified tree trimmer if you want to trim large trees that need heavy equipment or a ladder to access them.

When it comes to trimming trees, some factors need to be considered, which include the impact of insects, the tree’s susceptibility to disease, and the surrounding landscape.

Once you decide to start trimming trees, you can start by removing any dead branches and living branches that are growing inward rather than outward, towards the tree’s centers.

Here is a simple guide to help you get  started if you decide to trim your smaller trees:


It is advisable to know the right time to trim your trees, especially if you want a healthy life for your trees unless you are trimming your trees for safety purposes 

You also need to understand the type of weather available at that particular time before you embark on trimming trees. This is because not every tree can be trimmed in any season or weather.

We also provide professional tree trimming in the Los Angeles Area:

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