Palm Trees in Los Angeles

Palm trees are common sights in Burbank and Los Angeles and any palm has a tough outer layer that protects it. Skinning palm trees can be done for aesthetic purpose or for preventing pest invasion and maintaining the health of the tree.

Palm trees are sought after because they provide shade, grow quickly and are aesthetically pleasing. To keep the tree healthy, it is important to skin palm trees every few years. Palm trees that have not been skinned will have a buildup of old fronds which will cause pests like spiders and cockroaches to take shelter there.

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What is palm tree skinning?

Palm tree skinning is the process of removing the outer layer of bark from a palm tree. It’s done to make it easier to harvest and transport the palm heart, which is an edible fruit that grows inside the tree.

Is skinning a palm tree good?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. It depends on the purpose of the skinning, and it also depends on how you want to use the skinned palm tree.

Why should you skin a palm tree?

Here are three reasons to gt your palm trees Skinned or Shaved

Does skinning a palm tree hurt it?

The truth is that the skinning process does not hurt the tree if done correctly by a professional. The bark on the palm trees is very thick and hard, so when you peel off its outer layer, you’re only removing a thin layer of skin, which doesn’t hurt the tree in any way.

How often should you skin palm trees?

The best way to protect your palm tree is to skin it only once a year by cutting away a strip of bark from around the perimeter of the trunk. It is important to clean your trimming equipment before the skinning process starts. Additionally, ensure that you do not cut too deep into the tree trunk as this will damage and scar the palm tree.

When should palm fronds be trimmed?

Palm fronds should be trimmed in the spring. While they may be unappealing, palm fronds that have died will help protect your palm tree from the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

Hire a Certified Arborist

Please bear in mind that if you are unable to safely trim a palm tree or any tree, it is recommended to employ a certified arborist to do it. Through continuing education programs, these specialists are trained in correct pruning procedures, safety, and are up to date on the most recent recommendations. Do you need palm tree skinning or palm tree removal outside of Burbank? We also serve nearby areas so give us a call if you need palm tree removal in Los Angeles as well. If you’d like to learn more about palm tree care, you can read our post on how to prune palm trees.

If you have a palm tree that you’d like to prune yourself, check out our detailed guide on how to safely prune palm trees.