Due to the extreme heat and drought, residents in Burbank and other California areas have been under immense pressure for water. Follow these three simple tree-watering strategies to keep your trees healthy

How can you tell whether you need to water your tree?

Gently press it 6-8 inches into the ground using a screwdriver or other tool. It’s probably time to water again if the soil is dry and crumbly.

How often will you have to water your plants?

Each tree is different, but young trees should be watered once or twice a week (depending on the temperature), and mature trees should be watered once or twice a month.

Think low and leisurely while watering your tree. To avoid evaporation, water should be kept at ground level. To ensure that water soaks into the ground, use a watering tool with a slow, consistent release.

The idea is to provide water to the roots, which are usually 12-18 inches below ground level.

Remember, the City of Burbank Parks and Recreation advises watering your trees only before 9:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m.

Tree Mulch

Mulch retains moisture in the soil and protects the roots of your tree from excessive heat. Simply cover the ground around the tree with about 4 inches of mulch, leaving about 6 inches of space between the tree’s trunk and where the mulch begins.

Did you know that the City of Burbank offers a mulch program that is completely free?

You can find a place in Burbank near you where you can pick up mulch here. If you are in need of a large quantity, you may even be eligible for a home delivery. Check out the Burbank CA city government website in the Parks and Recreation for additional information.

For any additional tree services in Burbank like trimming, removal, pruning, cutting, you can call us and request a quote.

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