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Looking for a trained team of experienced, reliable and fully licensed tree service professionals in the great San Gabriel Valley city of Pasadena? We provide comprehensive tree services to commercial and residential clients.

Tree Services & Tree Removal Pasadena CA

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Our network of local Greater Los Angeles area tree service companies and arborists work with both homeowners and commercial clients.

Lot clearance, tree maintenance (planting, shaping, trimming and tree cabling, bracing etc.) and stump grinding are just some of the many tree services in Pasadena CA we offer.


Service removes a tree branches stacked on ground with special tractor

Our Professional Tree Care Services

Tree removal Pasadena

Trees needed removing for a variety of reasons. Some of these include; the tree has died (diseased or damaged), is encroaching (buildings, swimming pools, play areas etc.) or space is needed for new construction, additions, renovations or landscaping work.

Dangerous trees can pose a risk to people and property so it’s always best to leave tree removal services to the best tree service companies near you. Having experienced arborists with safety gear, cranes and the latest technologies ensures the work is done efficiently and safely.

Whatever the reason, our tree service experts pride themselves on providing a professional and great tree care service for residents and businesses in Pasadena and South Pasadena area.

For a free estimate give us a call or send us a message today.

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Tree Trimming Pasadena

Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals provide tree trimming to residents and business owners in and around the Pasadena and South Pasadena area. 

We are passionate about tree care and our training and knowledge enable us to provide high quality services.

We will visit your property and take a look at the tree or trees that you feel need attention. Then we’ll discuss your needs and desired outcome. Our network of local experts can also offer tree services such as; tree trimming, tree pruning, tree topping, shrub removal, crown reduction and tree planting for a number of tree types including beautiful oak trees and pine trees.

Tree trimming can be used to:

  • Change the shape of a tree, bush or shrub.
  • Address issues such as trees blocking light from overgrown trees.
  • Address issues such as trees blocking access.
  • Remove infected or diseased branches and or trees.
  • Removing branches that are growing too close to yours or your neighbor’s property, overhead power lines and cables, etc.
  • Improve the aesthetic look of your tree.
  • Improve the health of your tree.
  • Train a young tree to grow in a certain way or shape.
  • Address issues where a tree may be a safety hazard.
  • Address issues where trees which are obstructing pathways, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • Address issues arising in the aftermath of a storm or extreme weather condition.
professional trimming a tree

Emergency Tree Service Pasadena CA

If you require an emergency tree removal in Pasadena CA such as removal or cutting, you can contact our company which can handle such emergencies safely and efficiently. Our staff and local contractors are better equipped to take down any fallen trees quickly, safely and correctly to make sure no more problems occur during this time of emergency.

They will make sure that any trees that have fallen are cut up and taken away from your property. If you don’t have it removed, then you could be liable for problems that may occur later on as well as an accident that hurts someone or damages property. Our licensed bonded and insured experts will provide you with emergency tree service and take care of the problem efficiently and safely.

What Happens to the Trees You Remove?

  • We can leave the wood on your property.
  • We can chop the wood into logs for your wood burner.
  • We can remove the wood for environmental disposal.
  • We can chip branches or twigs into mulch for your garden.

Tree Removal Cost in Pasadena

Each job is unique and will have a different price so often it’s not possible to give a price until we have visited your property. Pricing will also vary based on whether you need emergency services, size of tree (larger trees will likely require more labor and equipment), residential or commercial setting and the surrounding area/access to the tree that needs to be removed. Emergency tree services usually will costs more.

professional cutting down tree

Palm Tree Removal Services – 8 Reasons Your Palm Tree Needs Removing

  • Age: with an average life-span of between 70-90 years, at some stage all palms will inevitably die.
  • Health: it is important to remove diseased and fungal infected trees to prevent the spread to nearby healthy trees.
  • Water: a lack of water can kill palms.
  • Weather storms or high winds can cause even the mightiest of trees to topple. We offer a rapid service to remove fallen palms, especially those blocking access or power supplies, etc.
  • Aesthetics: it’s not unusual for palms to grow to 70 feet or more and subsequently block the view from your home or office.
  • Safety: it is important to ensure palms don’t interfere with overhead cables or block the view or cause issues for your neighbors.
  • Position: that small palm that perfectly suited its spot in the garden at five feet might not be so suitable now it’s nearer to 20.
  • Location: if you’re planning to extend your home, add a garage, etc. we can remove any trees currently in the way.
Palm Trees in Los Angeles

But, just because we’ve had to remove your palm doesn’t mean it can’t have a new home in a different location. Depending on the variety, it may be possible to replant your palm. If you’d like us to remove and reposition your palm, please let us know.

We are passionate about palms and do our best to preserve these majestic trees for future generations to stare up in awe and enjoy. If your palm is blocking your view, for example, it might be a good trim is all that’s needed. Talk to one of our Pasadena experts today about options.

No matter what, you’ll always receive the best service from our team. Once finished we’ll clear away and remove any debris from your property.

Tree care / Certified Arborist Pasadena CA

Tree care companies offer a variety of services such as lightning protection, cabling and bracing, transplanting and fertilization among other general tree services. One of the main organizations is the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). A certified arborists must have either or both to even be eligible for the ISA Certified Arborist exam:

  • 3+ full-time years work experience in arboriculture

  • Arboriculture, horticulture, forestry or landscape architecture degree from an accredited institute.

The certified arborists near Pasadena we work with are experienced and have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the health and wellbeing of a tree. One tree service company may suggest a tree removed when evaluating it’s condition and on the other hand a professional arborists after considering several factors might find that the tree can be saved.

professional pruning dead branches from tree

Stump Removal and Grinding Pasadena

Want to save your back and your time? Leave stump grinding and stump removal to a tree service company! Removing and grinding tree stumps is hard work. The right state licensed tree care company will have the best equipment and labor to handle jobs of all sizes. Here are some of the common reasons to remove tree stumps:

Safety: Stumps can pose a trip hazard which is especially dangerous for children and elderly people. You may be liable if someone were to trip and injure themselves. It’s also safer on machinery. Stumps can damage lawn care equipment.

Whatever the reason, our Pasadena tree services can assist in stump grinding. If you need emergency tree service and removal, trimming, pruning, brush clearing or planting or removal of shrubs give us a call.

stump grinding and removal

Lot/Land Clearance & Hauling

Clearing land may be a time-consuming process. Depending on the magnitude of the project, it may need a lot of physical effort and even heavy machinery. Our team of specialists can assist you with any land clearing needs you may have.

Our experts can help you with any aspect of the procedure, whether you need to enlarge your yard or intend to construct on the property. We make certain that the procedures we employ are not harmful to the environment. We endeavor to deliver both high-quality and cost-effective land clearing and cleanup at a reasonable price.

Call our local tree care experts and request a free estimate.

land clearing cut branches

Why choose us?

Whether you need us to trim trees on your property or you require more complicated tree service, our professional, licensed bonded and insured Pasadena tree experts will aim to provide great service no matter if the job ios pruning, taking care of shrubs, tree trimming, pruning or emergency service – we are here to assist you in all your tree care needs.

Our Tree Care Services Area

In addition to Pasadena CA, our arborists also provide services outside of Pasadena including but not limited to Sierra Madre, San Marino, San Gabriel, West Covina, Atladena, Alhambra, Arcadia, Morovia, Rosemead and other nearby areas.

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