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At Burbank Tree Pros our contractors have many years of experience in taking care of the landscape of the communities in Sherman Oaks, California. Our sole goal has always been to provide high-quality service for our residential and commercial/business clients in and around Sherman Oaks.

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We are a Burbank-based tree service and tree care company that employs a fully trained crew that is certified and experienced.

We guarantee our commitment to you, as well as our hard work, devotion, and decades of expertise. We serve the entire LA County.

Our arborists are skilled and experienced and can handle any tree job you throw at them, including palm skinning and palm tree trimming. We can handle all your tree service needs.


Service removes a tree branches stacked on ground with special tractor

Professional Tree Care Services in Sherman Oaks

Large trees can dry out while still standing, increasing the likelihood of insect infestation. In other circumstances, your tree may be leaning to one side and could collapse at any moment.

Tree removal may be required for a variety of reasons, including landscaping or safety concerns. We provide safe tree removal services for residential and commercial clients, regardless of the size. Cranes and cutting-edge technologies assist our arborists in ensuring speedy and safe removal.

Because tree damage is permanent, preventative care is essential for keeping your expenditures low and your property safe and preventing property damage. It is essential to hire the best tree service companies near you or in your area – your trees deserve it!

We often remove trees in tight and sensitive locations all across Los Angeles and Southern California.

Palm tree removal

How can I get rid of a palm tree? If you reside in an area where palm trees thrive, you may have to consider getting rid of an unwanted palm tree. Cutting or uprooting a palm tree is the most efficient and simple approach to get rid of it. Herbicides are not required to kill the tree.

Call our professional crew and we’ll remove the unwanted palm tree safely and efficiently for you.

tree removal pro cutting down tree

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is a very dangerous job, even for experts. You can hurt yourself, your property or even others with cutting tools or a chainsaw. You may also damage your tree if you don’t know what you are doing. When you hire a pro, they will use the proper equipment for the job, like chain saws that are specifically designed for cutting trees.

If you want to save some money on the yard and tree care, you might consider hiring a tree service company to do all the tree cutting you require. This is where our tree services in Sherman Oaks CA will come in hand – leave all the tree work to us, call us for a free quote!

professional cutting down tree

Tree Trimming Sherman Oaks

Get your trees trimmed quickly and efficiently. Tree trimming services in Sherman Oaks are often required when the tree crown which consists of foliage and branches needs to be shaped (often referred to as crown reduction) in a way that would provide better clearance by removing 1/4th of the branches.

Sherman Oaks Tree trimming services are required for several reasons such as to let more light and air into the structure or front yard or garden, to reduce wind stress, and to improve the structural balance. Our tree trimming service helps eliminate diseased or dead wood in addition to utility pruning to free electrical power lines.

Regular and correct trimming also helps you maintain their health. Our team can also handle any of your brush trimming needs. If you’re in need of tree trimming services, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an on-site estimate.

Palm tree skinning

What Is Palm Tree Skinning? Palm tree skinning, also known as skimming or shaving, is a technique that removes the rough and shaggy-looking dead remnants of palm fronds off the tree’s stem.

Palm tree skinning is done for aesthetic as well as health reasons (pest control). Some landowners prefer the look of skinned palm trees. On the other hand, various pests and rodents make their nests in the dead fronds. So, if you want to reduce the number of pests on your land, you should try skinning your palm trees.

This reduces the number of areas where bugs can nest. Furthermore, the dead palm fronds will deplete some of the tree’s resources. They soak up water and use minerals from the ground, but now that they’re dead, those resources are wasted. Cutting away the dead fronds will assist in funnelling the water upwards towards the living fronds.

Call us if you’d like to hire a professional palm tree skinning service.

professional trimming a tree

Tree Pruning

When a tree is planted, a thoughtful homeowner starts trimming right away. Branches that are diseased, dead, or broken should be cut down as soon as possible. If you prune trees on a regular basis that decreases the amount of effort required and the amount of stress placed on it.

Incorrect pruning can cause significant damage to the tree, which is why it is best to call experienced tree experts if you’re not sure how, when and why to do it. You absolutely should NOT prune a new tree before its first blossom and winter. Doing so may permanently inhibit its growth. Call us for a free quote or estimate on our tree pruning service.

Palm tree pruning

A palm tree will not grow quicker if it is pruned. This fallacy has led to massive palm tree pruning, which is both ineffective and harmful to the tree. Palm pruning, must be done with care and by professionals and a fully licensed and certified arborist.

Call us if you to prune a palm tree without damaging it.

professional pruning dead branches from tree
Palm Trees in Los Angeles

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal

While newly planted or young trees can be easily removed, older, bigger trees leave a tree stump that requires specialized equipment to remove. Stumps not only look unattractive in your backyard, but they may also cause accidents and attract pests.

Stump grinding entails chipping away at the tree with grinders until it reaches the lowest point possible. We have specialized equipment that allows us to grind the majority of the tree stump down to the ground level. This implies it will be completely hidden and surrounded by grass. You can grow trees in the area surrounding the stump, but not in the actual stump.

If you want to plant new trees where the stump is, you’ll need to dig it up completely. We provide stump removal, as well as the landscaping work that goes along with such excavations. The earth and any surrounding sprinkler pipes will be tampered with when old established tree stumps are removed. Of course, removing the stump also includes complete removal of the root system of the tree.

This, however, should not be a reason for concern because we will assist you in restoring your property and covering any holes that remain after excavation. Call our Sherman Oaks tree service company if you’d like us to get a stump removed as well as for all your tree work and landscaping needs!

stump grinding and removal

Emergency Tree Service Sherman Oaks

If a tree fell due to high winds or other weather conditions, you should react immediately as it could pose a further threat to your house and its surroundings, especially if there are power lines affected.

If you require an emergency tree removal you can contact our company who can handle such emergencies safely and efficiently. Our staff and local contractors are better equipped to take down any fallen trees quickly, safely and correctly to make sure no more problems occur during this time of emergency.

They will make sure that any trees that have fallen are cut up and taken away from your property. If you don’t have it removed, then you could be liable for problems that may occur later on as well as an accident to someone or a pet.

Urban emergency service removes a tree with special equipment tractor loading into a truck

Land and Lot Clearing

Clearing land may be a time-consuming process. Depending on the magnitude of the project, it may need a lot of physical effort and even heavy machinery. Our team of specialists can assist you with any land clearing needs you may have.

Our experts can help you with any aspect of the procedure, whether you need to enlarge your yard or intend to construct on the property. We make certain that the procedures we employ are not harmful to the environment. We endeavour to deliver both high-quality and cost-effective land clearing and cleanup at a competitive and affordable price.

Call our local tree care experts and request a free estimate on any professional service in Sherman Oaks.

land clearing cut branches

The Advantages of Hiring Our Expert Tree Services

Whether you’ve opted to plant trees in your yard or the removal of one is required, a skilled tree service firm can face a variety of issues to guarantee your trees are healthy and your home is secure. Having experienced tree service in Sherman Oaks at your disposal will provide you with peace of mind, whether you require ongoing or one-time assistance. Working with experienced crews and tree care experts has a number of advantages, including:

  • Choosing and planting the appropriate species for your needs
  • Professional tree care and maintenance
  • Treatment of illnesses and insect infestations as soon as possible
  • Certified arborists provide experts.
  • Accident avoidance
  • Restoration and emergency service like storm damage, fallen or dead trees.

Dangers of cutting a tree by yourself

Many homeowners and landowners attempt to cut down a tree themselves because they do not want to pay someone to do it for them. While this is understandable, there are many dangers involved. Firstly, no matter how experienced you are, you never know how the tree will fall and what shape it will be after it’s been cut. Secondly, cutting down a tree without the right equipment can lead to injury and property damage. Thirdly, the slightest mistake when cutting down a tree can have serious consequences.

And last but not least, if there is an accident with the tree removal, you may not be insured, which can be very expensive. and you will have to pay for covering all of the damages yourself. In addition, there are several things that you need to be aware of when it comes to removing a tree. This includes having all the proper paperwork and permits for doing so, as well as knowing which days/times of the year is ok to cut them down.

If you get in over your head or don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily hurt yourself, damage your home, or even damage someone else’s property or even worse – their health.

Sherman Oaks tree service Cost

Tree service Sherman Oaks cost on average roughly $990 (range: $350 to $1,650). These expenses and rates will vary depending on the circumstances of your project, such as the height of the tree, accessibility, tree condition, and location. The location is an important consideration. Areas having a greater cost of living will be at the top of the scale.

We always strive to provide the best price possible for our clients both residents and businesses. Different companies have different prices but most of the time there is no set cost. A number of factors can affect the cost of tree removal service:

  • The size of the tree
  • the type of tree
  • the proximity to power lines

All of that and more factor into the final cost.

The average cost to cut down a tree based on the height of the tree:

Here are the average costs of tree service and removal services in Sherman Oaks, based on the height of the tree:

  • Average cost to remove a 20-foot tree: $230 to $500
  • Average cost to remove a 40-foot tree: $500 to $950
  • Average cost to remove a 60-foot tree: $750 to $1400
  • Average cost to remove a 80-foot tree: $1040 to $1850

As stated above, those prices are only averages. To get an exact price for your project, please call us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a an estimate and quote!

Tree Trimming Cost in Sherman Oaks, California

For a three-man crew, Sherman Oaks tree trimming costs roughly $270.00 per hour (range: $230 to $300 per hour). The average cost of tree trimming is roughly $965 for 3-4 hours of work (range $700 to $1200).

If you need to remove a large tree, this will take more time and labor than removing a small tree, so the larger the tree is, the higher the cost. We provide a no obligation quote and estimate so feel free to get in touch and we can come on location and assess the situation. No matter the case, we always provide fair pricing to our residential and business customers.

If you’re proactive with the maintenance you will ensure that they are in optimal health and cut down on your maintenance and other costs in the future. This is why it’s always best to hire a tree service pro for any job you may need like tree removal, cutting, pruning, etc.

We are a locally owned business that serves residents and businesses of Sherman Oaks CA and our services come at a very reasonable price.

Your trees are one of the most valuable investments on your property, taking special care of them helps maintain their health and beauty, as well as the property’s safety. In addition to taking good care of them, it’s important to take precautions against preventable damage, such as spotting fire hazards.

Fires are common in both residential and commercial areas that contain a large number of trees. The cause of these fires can be attributed to many things, ranging from improper wiring to arcing caused by grounding. Understanding how a tree can cause a fire can help you avoid becoming the victim of one.

Whether you need them trimmed, pruned or completely remove large tree from your yard, call our affordable tree experts and we will handle all your Sherman Oaks tree service needs and maintain the health of your trees and the safety of your properties.

Our Tree Care Services Area

In addition to Sherman Oaks, we provide residential and commercial clients with tree service in Burbank and across the entire Los Angeles County, from Calabasas and Woodland Hills in the west to Glendale, Los Angeles CA, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre in the east, including the San Fernando Valley and Irvine.

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