How to Prune a Palm Tree and When to Do It

California street with palm trees

As seasoned arborists from Burbank Tree Pros, we often find that palm tree owners are misinformed about pruning practices, leading to harmful over-pruning. It’s crucial to understand that unlike many other plants, palm trees do not grow faster or stronger when excessively pruned. In fact, heavy-handed pruning can be detrimental to the health of these […]

Watering Strategies for Healthy Trees During Extreme Heat in Burbank and California

watering a new tree

In Burbank, California, the heatwave coupled with water scarcity presents unique challenges to maintaining tree health. This guide dives deep into understanding your trees’ needs and provides actionable, expert-backed strategies to keep your trees thriving amidst extreme weather conditions. Key Takeaways: Assessing Your Tree’s Water Needs Determining if your tree needs water involves assessing the […]