burbank la tree shade project program

Reduce the cost of air conditioning by shading your home or place of business with trees!

Residents and businesses in Burbank each have the option of choosing up to three trees each. Find out below how you may take part in the program.

If you require any assistance we can also help as Burbank Tree Pros provides comprehensive tree services in Burbank and other areas in LA.

Why Participate in This Event?

With their capacity to shade buildings and cut air conditioning demand by 10% to 50%, trees are nature’s air conditioners. By absorbing harmful pollutants and filtering the air we breathe, trees also contribute to air purification.

500 trees will be planted in Burbank. The City of Burbank’s Parks and Recreation Department, Public Works Department, and Burbank Water and Power have all worked together to achieve this objective. The Burbank 2035 General Plan and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan are in alignment with the Plant For A Greener Burbank campaign.

First, make an appointment.

Call the arborist for BWP’s Shade Tree Program at (818) 957-8196 to make an appointment if you are a customer who wants to reduce the amount of air conditioning you use. If you are renting a property in Burbank, make sure to obtain the owner’s written consent before participating in the program.

Meeting with Our Certified Arborist in Step

A licensed arborist will visit your home or business to assist you in choosing locations on the land that would benefit from shade. After choosing your sites, you must speak with Dig Alert to ensure that they won’t interfere with any underground utility lines on your property.

Pick Your Trees in Step 3

You can choose from more than two dozen different tree species, so you’re sure to discover one you adore! The initiative provides reasonably mature trees in 15 gallon containers that weigh around 60 pounds.

Burbank Shade Tree list

Dig Holes for Your Trees in Step Four

After your visit, your trees will be delivered to you within three weeks. You must have the locations on your property ready for tree planting in the interim. Only dig holes for your trees in the places the arborist specifies. Stakes, ties, and arbor guards will all be included with tree deliveries.

Plant your trees in Step 5!

Plant your trees as soon as possible once they are delivered! Shade trees don’t require much work to grow. Trees can successfully establish their roots with the correct planting techniques and watering regime. To ensure that the trees have been planted in the appropriate locations, BWP performs inspections. Participants who violate this agreement will be charged $90 for each tree that is planted in the incorrect place.

Source: https://www.burbankwaterandpower.com/conservation/residential-programs-rebates/shade-tree-program

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