beautiful walkway in the back yard of a home with big trees
Enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your yard with the right trees can be an enriching experience, bringing not just shade and beauty, but also potentially adding value to your property. This article, grounded in expert advice from experienced arborists in Burbank, offers you five insightful tips to guide you in making the best decision when choosing trees for your yard.

1. Evaluate the Available Space

Before you even begin your tree search, it’s crucial to understand the space available for planting. Measure the area where you wish to plant your tree, and also consider the potential size of the tree when it reaches maturity. Confirm that you have ample space for the tree to grow and expand its branches without encroaching on power lines, buildings, or other obstructions.

2. Determine the Role of Your Tree

Trees offer an array of functionalities, from offering shade to becoming a haven for local wildlife. Identify the role you envision your tree playing in your yard, and select a tree species that can fulfill that purpose. For instance, if you desire a tree that offers ample shade, opt for one with a broad canopy. If you aim to attract birds, select a tree that yields berries or seeds.

3. Align Your Tree Selection with the Existing Conditions

All trees have distinct light, water, and soil requirements. It is critical to select a tree that can flourish in your yard’s conditions. For example, if you have a spot that receives ample sunlight, choose a tree that thrives under full sun. If your yard has a damp area, opt for a tree species that can tolerate wet soil conditions.

4. Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience

If your outdoor living space is a cherished part of your home, choose a tree that enhances this area. For instance, if you own a patio, a tree with fragrant flowers or fascinating foliage could provide an appealing backdrop. For pool owners, a tree that sheds fewer leaves would be easier to maintain.

5. Be Mindful of Watering Needs

Watering needs vary from tree to tree. Therefore, consider the level of rainfall and irrigation your yard receives before making your decision. It could be beneficial to select drought-resistant trees if you reside in an area with low rainfall.

Furthermore, consider the tree’s positioning in your yard and its impact on the surrounding flora. Planting a tree near a water source or in an area with good drainage will ensure that it receives the necessary hydration for growth. Don’t forget to take into account the tree’s mature size, ensuring it will have enough room to grow without causing problems.

By considering the space available, the desired function of the tree, the tree’s growing preferences, the potential enhancement to your outdoor living area, and the watering needs, you can ensure that your chosen trees will thrive and serve your purposes. These 5 tips, coupled with thoughtful planning, can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that adds value to your property and improves your quality of life.

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