How to get rid of your cut down trees

professional tree cutting

The most obvious aspect of preparing for the removal of trees in your yard as a property owner is arranging to have them removed. However, after the tree has been chopped down, there is one last step that might not be as obvious: what to deal with the branches, roots, stump, and trunk. Here are […]

How to Keep Your Trees Healthy and Care for Them

hand holding a small tree

Whether you have several basic maple trees in your front yard or a front and backyard covered with a variety of lush greenery, it’s crucial to give your greenery the care and attention it needs to continue growing strong and lush. Use our tree maintenance guide to help keep your trees in peak condition when […]

What is Palm Tree Skinning and When Should You Do It?

Palm Trees in Los Angeles

Palm trees are common sights in Burbank and Los Angeles and any palm has a tough outer layer that protects it. Skinning palm trees can be done for aesthetic purpose or for preventing pest invasion and maintaining the health of the tree. Palm trees are sought after because they provide shade, grow quickly and are […]

How to Prune a Palm Tree and When to Do It

California street with palm trees

A palm tree will not grow quicker if it is pruned. This fallacy has led to massive palm tree pruning, which is both ineffective and harmful to the tree. Palm tree pruning, like other plant pruning, must be done with care. Continue reading if you want to learn how to prune a palm tree to […]

Watering Strategies for Healthy Trees During Extreme Heat in Burbank and California

watering a new tree

Due to the extreme heat and drought, residents in Burbank and other California areas have been under immense pressure for water. Follow these three simple tree-watering strategies to keep your trees healthy How can you tell whether you need to water your tree? Gently press it 6-8 inches into the ground using a screwdriver or […]